Katie Maeve (kyoto) wrote,
Katie Maeve

Thoughts on a date with my phone

-The bar after work is Scranton's living room. That's where I am now. I love a good bar when it's dead. Tuesday 7pm at the Bog, say, or Wednesday night at the Dugout. Kildares most weekdays 6-8, if I want to say hi to Dad and the Irish Navy. The Keys on Thursday. That's when people will talk to you.

-This is why I can't do Facebook these days. It's a frothy sea of rage and righteous indignation...and hypocrisy! On Facebook I'd probably have many hard feelings, and nothing to say, to the people I freely and pleasantly converse with over a nice beer. That guy with the man bun who hates cops. The former president of the Republicans local organization, who I sang "The Parting Glass" with, arm in arm. Those 21-year-olds who sang with me because they're in a Blink-182 cover group and I know all their songs. The guy from ***** Ave who called about the neighbor's dog shitting in his yard, recognizing me out. A beautiful hippie earth mom who used to babysit me. I like hearing people's stories. But their politics and opinions would never be welcome jammed down my throat while I'm trying to enjoy pictures of people's cute cats and dogs.

- I am introverted. But long ago, I decided if I am so forced to interact with strangers for work, then I'm going to use that same skill for my own enjoyment, too. If I have to put up with the assholes I also demand to meet some storytellers.

-a synopsis of things that interest me follows, in what order I consider them worthy of my attention.
--My family & BF, my cats, my job, my health....
--(300 down the list) Pop's lilac bushes, pretty shoes, someone's choice of karaoke songs, how my D Dhi E sister's kid dressed for Dr. Seuss day at whatever school in whatever county....
--(3,000 down the list)...someone's favorite Bruce Springstein Song, someone's political opinion, someone's favorite Steven Segal movie...
...I am getting too much of something that is too unimportant.

- I got a new radio at work today. Before that I had the oldest radio in the department. My last battery, which dies every day around 15:30, was from 2011. The officer who was surveying what supplies were needed to be ordered in 2017 noted: "Katie's radio is HORRENDOUS." I had to hold the battery in place just to speak on it. I love the new radio but it keeps beeping since I got to the bar. I wish I know what the beeping means. Oh madness!

-"and I think she was in a Now What Phase for several years."

-The book Harriet the Spy continues to be relevant in my life. BF and I talked about it the other day. It's the book where I first learned about animal control and cat hoarders. It also contained the quote "there are as many ways to live as there are people in the world." -Golly. I still keep it in mind more days than not, since I meet so many people I should find odd, but don't. I have to say, the 1996 movie was great but did NOT match the pictures in my head. Golly was supposed to be an old lady, not Rosie ODonnell. Harriet was supposed to be more ordinary looking, homlier, in an awkward phase, not delicate gamine Michele Trachtenberg, who I loved as Nona.

-the bartender is staring in amazement at a show about Rachel Carson. This makes me think more highly of him.

-I've decided to put myself on a diet in which I am limited to 2 beers a day. I am making a decision against my own interests because I'm walking home on a freezing night, and I want a third beer.

-I NEED to read "the sea around us" by Rachel Carson.

- lately I'm admiring people who want to put their heads in the sand. What else CAN we do? With so many idiots forcing you to hear their abstract, unexamined opinions! The same people who wear clothes made by children chained to machines and call it a deal at Target! The same people who pay $1000 to a psychic! The same people who drink 195 liters of name-brand soda per year! I'm simultaneously proud of the women marching - our rights are so fragile! - and curious about how many of them voted meaningfully? How many of them want "bad boys," fun at first but bums and worse down the road? How many of them drive Hummers or pay for gyms they don't go to and apps they don't use? I'm in the fight, but as BF said, "I oil things before they break." I vote in the little elections. I work a man's job and demand all the things a man would for the same work, which is generally given me. The cop even said to the coroner once, "it doesn't bother her; she can handle it." By "it" he meant "a decaying human corpse." Nbd. I'd never said I could handle that but it was a compliment to be expected to handle this responsibility.

-that's the thing about privilege. People only want one side of it. I want equal rights, but don't want to be drafted to military duty. I'd do it if I had to, and probably kick ass, but no I'd settle for 80% of men's rights if I can not be draft-eligible. I'm in law enforcement, but it's not a power trip about giving shit to people I don't like (or a license to drop all the skunks off at marywood!) it's mostly service to people who have needs. That's non-negotiable.

-"Free at last to do nothing but write, Carson found the task utterly impossible."

-"that moment in Bring It On when Cliff and Torrance are brushing their teeth" -Tom

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