Katie Maeve (kyoto) wrote,
Katie Maeve

don't let the f*ckers get ya down

5/19/16 Thu.

5/18/16 Wed. Mom's Birthday!

5/17/16 Tue.

5/16/16 Mon.

No filter.

5/15/16 Sun.

5/14/16. Sat. BF and his mom after we went to AV for Mother's Day <3

5/13/16. Fri. This is an American Bully! Not a pit bull. Like a mini pit bull but different general temperament, very much more chill.

Adopters wanted. Her owners were deported this morning. Drugs again. They won't be coming to get her. Due process is something the Constitution only guarantees to Americans.

5/12/16 Thu. Huge drug bust just before I picked up this girl. Those pictures are in evidence and I probably can't ever share them except with a judge, but what scumbags! Poor little dogs, all matted and mistreated. Another cruelty citation. Just can't win this week. This is my job on warm weather. I better get used to things being this shitty.

This sweetie was reported as a "vicious pit bull running loose." She was a little scared but nowhere near vicious. Found her owners :) (NOT the aforementioned drug related - their dogs were small, longhaired, and unrecognizable under their matted coats).

5/11/16 Wed. Night Drop. Old dog. I hope they're looking for him, not intending to lose him. It's always hard to say. He'll be cared for here, either way.

5/10/16 Tue. It's my bloody hand, and we're at Memorial Vet Old Forge. If I showed you what once was a dog ahead of me instead of the floor in front of it, you'd be very disturbed indeed. I did the best I could. I got him here very fast. The vets were wonderful. They said his lung was collapsed and his whole thoracic cavity was all flooded with blood. He didn't last long enough for them to put him down.

The worst part is that his owners are the reason. Sure, they didn't mean for three of their pit bulls to attack and kill their fourth pit bull. IDGAF.

Owner is under 18 and constantly in trouble at school. Bet he thinks he's a badass motherfucker with his fighting pit bulls. I hope they eat him. Slowly.

A dog is dead and I'm suffering...and I don't think these people are the slightest bit affected. They'll breed more pit bulls cuz why not. Also, they never called to claim the body or pay for the cremation, and because it's his own dog and "an accident," no charges can be filed. Criminal wins again.

5/9/2016 Mon.

Griffin Pond ferals crowding around Meg's car at the end of the day. They know who feeds them!

5/8/2016 Sun. Mom's Surprise Party!

Temporary pic, my camera died and my sister's supposed to send me her good ones. One with Mom actually in it would be great.
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