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reshaping my humble corner of the world

2/6 Sat. My man washed my dishes. As if it isn't enough he's smart, attractive, resourceful, always right, and the best at everything. Some girls have ALL the luck. <3 <3

2/5 Fri. Blu Wasabi with Jen to celebrate the end of a tough week<3

2/4 Thu. This is altogether depressing. Which is why I'm set on changing it.

What does it mean? Two things, the first one of which may make you want to slide into a warm bath and let all your blood out. This is a stack of receiving contracts from 2011, 2012, and 2015.

1). Every piece of paper represents one or more animal which Animal Control took to the animal shelter. The majority represented are stray or feral cats caught as nuisances or because they were found injured, or because someone well-meaning just couldn't stand to see them out in the cold. Most of these animals, especially stray and feral cats, were euthanized long ago.

2). My purpose in assembling them is to take them to an important meeting I'm having with my boss and another important man. They will be used as visual aids to hep me persuade them that the city's population of strays is better served by also using trap-neuter-release. I'm showing them 2011, 900-some animals taken to GPAS, compared with 2012: also 900-some animals taken to GPAS to prove that the 900-some we took in 2011 did nothing to curb the stray cat complaints a year later. Then I have 2015's - a mere 400, a much smaller folder. The mayor let us begin limited TNR (up to 20 cats a month) in spring of 2014, and in so short a time it has drastically reduced the number of animals we bring to the shelter. Which has resulted in more of the animals we bring to the shelter getting put into adoption and living out their lives!

It went better than I could have hoped. This is what I sold my soul to the devil for (transporting trapped strays to their demise, which never once was easy, but if I didn't do it people poisoned them :*( - it's finally going to pay off! Got my work cut out for me!

2/3 Wed. Caught a pit bull at Valley View Terrace. Sweet girl! They asked me to name her at the shelter so all I could think of was to give her my middle name. She's Maeve. <3 Beautiful girl. Like all good dogs, here she is riding shotgun. My selfie is superimposed over her on the glass. Ya know, big art n shit like dat.
NOT PICTURED: Tina the office administrator showing me a homemade knife she had taken off of a 9-year-old resident. White, in case you were assuming in a racist manner. We won't be having that on this Livejournal. "They're so terrible to each other," the office ladies lamented about the tenants. "They hurt each other, they beat each other, they threaten each other, we had one of them burn his girlfriend a couple days ago...and that's just the parents. What hope do the kids have?"
Poor, stupid teachers. They don't even have a clue, and their jobs depend on these kids going against everything they're living by.
They have a tough job, my friends in the office. "You have to have a lot of faith."

2/2 Tues. Groundhog says we're gonna have an early spring, which we were already sort of having. Also says F*ck you, Katie, you're going to get a flat tire today 30 minutes before your hearing. DPW to the rescue!! This is where all the city vehicles are repaired and maintained by a tireless few mechanics.

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